42 Creating Your Career: Mandy May Cheetham


mandymaycheethamMandy May Cheetham is the Swiss Army Knife of the filmmaking biz!  Mandy May is an actor, screenwriter, producer, rapper etc etc!  In this episode Mandy May shares how she took the initiative in creating and starring in her own web series!

Check out Mandy May’s series Mutha here!!

Visit Mandy May at www.MandyMayCheetham.com

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32 Making a Web Series: Dead Drift creator Ken Carlson




Ken Carlson is producer, director, editor and co-star of Dead Drift, a web series that’s making traction online.

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04 Crowdfunding Tips with Filmmaker Chris Hoffert


Chris_HoffertChris Hoffert joins us to share his thoughts on crowdfunding and what he’s learned having raised funds for multiple films.  His tips will help you understand what it takes to be successful at crowdfunding.  At the time of recording, Chris and his team were in the middle of a KickStarter campaign to help fund their western series The Big Muddy.  Check out their KickStarter page and see how they set things up in order to encourage financial supporters.  It’s an effective model to follow.

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