37 Becoming a Working Actor with Actor Ralph Smith


ralphsmithRalph Smith is an actor who has appeared in Newsies, Captain Fantastic & The Man in the High Castle!  Ralph shares with us tips on what it takes to become a working actor.

Topics we discuss include:

  • Working in LA when living out of state.
  • Making the most out of a trip to Hollywood.
  • The importance of goal setting.
  • Beginning a new career later in life.

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25 Get to Know the Host of Filmmakers Focus, Doc Kennedy



Hey it’s me, Doc Kennedy!  In this episode I share the ups & downs of some of the journey I’ve taken to get where I am today.  This is a candid look and one I hope will help you get to know me on a more personal level.

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23 Becoming the Fearless Actress: Ashley Noelle Jackson


AshleyNoelleJacksonAshley Noelle Jackson is an actress of film and stage.  Her blog www.TheFearlessActress.com is helping people learn the business of acting as Ashley takes this journey herself!  We talk…

  • Overcoming failure
  • The value of continued education online & offline
  • Education vs Working Your Craft
  • How networking has impacted her career
  • Some of the best how-to advice you’ll hear on finding an agent!

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Resources:  www.ActingPros.com

19 Effective Collaboration: Tucker Case and Jeremy Hudson




Tucker Case and Jeremy Hudson join us to talk about their collaboration.  As we all know working with other people is not always easy, but the benefits usually outweigh the negative.  Tucker and Jeremy share their experience, the unique way they met and how they use each others strengths to make each project better then the last.

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14 – 6 Tips for Making Your First Documentary



FilmmakersFocus_1400x1400_FirstDoc_01In this episode I share 6 tips that will help steer you in the right direction as you take on your first documentary!  Even if this isn’t your first, I believe these tips can help you as you tell your story.

– Pre-productionou
– A Foundation to Build Your Story On
– Keys to B Footage
– Filling in Gaps as Needed
– Music and Beyond

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