43 Unique Crowdfunding Strategies with Filmmaker Matthew Croyle!!


matthewcroyleMatthew Croyle is a filmmaker, screenwriter, DP etc!!  In this episode Matt shares how he’s made feature films using unique crowdfunding and marketing strategies!  These tips blew my mind…literally!  Matt’s knowledge of the filmmaking biz will help you get your project off the ground and/or take it to the next level!

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42 Creating Your Career: Mandy May Cheetham


mandymaycheethamMandy May Cheetham is the Swiss Army Knife of the filmmaking biz!  Mandy May is an actor, screenwriter, producer, rapper etc etc!  In this episode Mandy May shares how she took the initiative in creating and starring in her own web series!

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41 Crushing Writer’s Block!!


filmmakersfocus_700x700_writersblockGotta love those times you’re writing and writing well, then all of a sudden hit a wall.  In this episode I share tips for getting past what is most commonly referred to as Writer’s Block.

  •   The worst thing you can do!
  •   Writing about something else.
  •   Getting proper feedback.
  •   Speaking lines out loud.
  •   Taking a vacation from your problems.

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40 SAG-AFTRA Seattle Local President Rik Deskin: Keep Film in WA


photo-jan-09-9-59-54-pmRik Deskin is President of SAG-AFTRA Seattle Local.  Rik shares how and why he got involved in the political side of SAG-AFTRA.  Rik also talks to us about the Keep Film in WA campaign, how that effects those in the filmmaking community and what you can do to help Keep Film in WA!!


Links to…   SAG-AFTRA  –  SAGindie  –  Washington Filmworks  –  Keep Film in WA

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39 Goals vs Resolutions


filmmakersfocus_700x700_goalsvsresolutionsIt’s 2017 and we’re talking Goals vs Resolutions!  What are the differences and what can have the greatest impact in helping you achieve your dreams sooner rather than later!


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38 The Filmmakers Focus Facebook Group PLUS Losing an Important Gig!!


filmmakersfocus_700x700_fbgroupWe’ve all had gigs come up we’re super stoked about only to see them fade away or end abruptly!  In this episode I share a recent gig I lost and how I’ve chosen to deal with it.  We also talk about recent changes to Filmmakers Focus and some fun stuff coming to the Filmmakers Focus Facebook Group!!

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37 Becoming a Working Actor with Actor Ralph Smith


ralphsmithRalph Smith is an actor who has appeared in Newsies, Captain Fantastic & The Man in the High Castle!  Ralph shares with us tips on what it takes to become a working actor.

Topics we discuss include:

  • Working in LA when living out of state.
  • Making the most out of a trip to Hollywood.
  • The importance of goal setting.
  • Beginning a new career later in life.

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