43 Unique Crowdfunding Strategies with Filmmaker Matthew Croyle!!


matthewcroyleMatthew Croyle is a filmmaker, screenwriter, DP etc!!  In this episode Matt shares how he’s made feature films using unique crowdfunding and marketing strategies!  These tips blew my mind…literally!  Matt’s knowledge of the filmmaking biz will help you get your project off the ground and/or take it to the next level!

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35 Selling Your Movie to a Niche Audience: Dan Benamor, co-writer/producer of Initiation

PLAY_BUTTON_01initiation_posterDan Benamor (IMDB) is a screenwriter and producer who has made a name for himself in the filmmaking industry.  His latest film Initiation has garnered critical claim within the Horror Film world.

In this episode Dan shares…

  • The value of writing and selling to a niche audience
  • Why writing to a location is valuable and how he uses that challenge to his advantage
  • Marketing Tips & More !!!