42 Creating Your Career: Mandy May Cheetham


mandymaycheethamMandy May Cheetham is the Swiss Army Knife of the filmmaking biz!  Mandy May is an actor, screenwriter, producer, rapper etc etc!  In this episode Mandy May shares how she took the initiative in creating and starring in her own web series!

Check out Mandy May’s series Mutha here!!

Visit Mandy May at www.MandyMayCheetham.com

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41 Crushing Writer’s Block!!


filmmakersfocus_700x700_writersblockGotta love those times you’re writing and writing well, then all of a sudden hit a wall.  In this episode I share tips for getting past what is most commonly referred to as Writer’s Block.

  •   The worst thing you can do!
  •   Writing about something else.
  •   Getting proper feedback.
  •   Speaking lines out loud.
  •   Taking a vacation from your problems.

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