me & meThis podcast is hosted by me, Doc Kennedy!  The goal of this podcast is to bring information to you that will help you take your filmmaking to the next level.  So weather a filmmaker, video producer, videographer, producer, actor, grip, screenwriter…this is the show for you!

The podcast is FREE.  If you would do two things for me I would greatly appreciate it.  1) PLEASE GO TO ITUNES VIA THIS LINK AND LEAVE A REVIEW.  Hopefully my guests and I have earned 5 stars but if not leave what is fair.  This helps us gain more visibility in the ITunes search engine. 2)  PLEASE SHARE VIA FACEBOOK, TWITTER, EMAIL or whatever you choose.  This helps the show grow and also helps your friends learn valuable things that will help them with their careers.

Follow on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and join the Filmmakers Focus Facebook Group!!  Any suggestions for topics or guests please let me know.  I want to help you learn what you need to know.

– Doc 201602_DocKennedy_02


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